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Automated benefit enrollment.
More control over health insurance payment options.

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Health insurance different

GoWell’s ICHRA Advantage gives employers and employees more control over their health insurance options.

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Save money, save time & offer more options

GoWell Benefits offers the ability for health insurance policies to be purchased through employers on a pre-tax basis.

Components of an ICHRA

Make paying for healthcare easier and cheaper for you and your employees.

Purchasing Insurance
Paying for insurance through the employer
Attestation - Reimbursement

Benefits for employers

  • Develop a fixed budget for Health Insurance
  • Give Employees more options
  • Eliminate administrative functions
  • No more medical insurance renewals
  • Define eligibility by different employee classes

Benefits for employees

  • Choose individual insurance based on needs
  • Employee contributions are pre-tax
  • Access to more plan options
  • Ability to choose plan based on budget
  • Keep the insurance when one changes job

Benefits for brokers

  • One platform for administrations
  • Easy setup
  • Easy use
Introducing a new healthcare model
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