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GoWell Benefits Acquires Technology of Nfor1, Inc and Its Ichra Technology
Company news | Aquisition

GoWell Benefits Acquires Technology of Nfor1, Inc and Its Ichra Technology


GoWell Benefits Inc. a national insurance technology solutions company that provides for the easy insurance selection, onboarding and enrollment of employee benefits plans, has acquired benefits technology assets from Nfor1, Inc., a Boston, MA based company. The key technology solution that GoWell has purchased empowers everything that is needed for brokers, employers and employees to buy, sell or participate in an ICHRA, an Individual Coverage HRA, which allows employers to reimburse employees tax-free for their individual health insurance choices. This technology will enhance the offering that GoWell provides to small to medium size business, and further help save employers and employees alike save time and money.

Joe Markland, Nfor1’s Co-founder and CEO, joins Holly Adams (CEO), Meredith McGrath (CTO) and Joseph Duckett (CMO) as Chief of Business Strategy, rounding out the management team to offer full-service employer and broker engagement support in a technology platform that can work with all insurance carriers and payroll companies. “I think the ICHRA is going to be the catalyst for some significant changes in the employee benefits market. Holly and GoWell shared this vision. We were headed to the same spot from different starting points, so it made sense to bring the technologies into a single platform.”

“We are happy to have Joe on our team. He has been a visionary and leader in the benefits technology space for years. This transaction takes us a step closer to our mission to provide the best fast and easy end-to-end tool”, says CEO Holly Adams. “I have long believed meeting employees where they are to help make benefits easy for them. Nfor1’s ICHRA technology complements the GoWell platform to help employees have a personalized benefit solution simply and helps employers with their benefit administration issues. Our teams are excited to bring ICHRA to market, alongside our other offerings, including broker and employer chosen plans.”

The integration of the two platforms will be completed by October and ready for the 4th quarter enrollment season. Employers and benefits brokers interested in learning how GoWell can help with ICHRA plans may inquire through our website at

For further information please contact:

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